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Multilingual WordPress

Working with WordPress and multiple languages is easy thanks to a number of plugins such as WPML.

Web development in 2001

Max Hits: a book showcasing the state of web development and design at the turn of the millennium.

Isak Blossom & Bill poster

Modern Scandinavian design

Isak has a new website for its shop, built with WordPress and WooCommerce, and using a custom design.

Financial websites

Financial websites

I have been working on a group of financial websites for a client recently, all running on WordPress.

Follow-up work

Follow-up work

I have spent time working on a number of older client projects, which can actually be quite rewarding.

WordPress customizer

WordPress Customizer

There are many great functions built into WordPress that you might not use as a theme developer. The Customize API is one of them.

Lange Nacht der Startups

Passion and Entrepreneurship

One of the more inspirational talks I saw 2015 was by Rodrigo Barros at the Lange Nacht der Startups in Berlin.

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Julian → Zosto

After many years of working with my brother at Julian, the time is now ripe for something new: Zosto!