Internet economy in Germany 2016-2019

It has been hard to miss that the internet has become a fundamental part of life in most societies. As more and more services move – at least partially – into the cloud, it is not surprising that we conduct more of our interactions online.

The internet economy is booming in Germany as well. This is where Zosto is based, so the latest report published by Arthur D. Little and eco – the German Association of the Internet Industry – on the near future of this sector was interesting reading.The industry is looking at yearly growth of some 12% and is predicted to shortly overtake others such as mechanical engineering and chemical-pharmaceutical, and eventually even the automobile industry.

Now, these are sometimes bold predictions and of course to be taken with a grain of salt when published by the association representing the internet industry. There is so much cross-sector development, that defining which turnover “belongs” to which industry isn’t always very clear.

Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see an outline of which segments are doing well (such as B2B e-commerce) and what the overall trends and focus might be over the next three-four years.

The report can be downloaded for free from eco’s website.