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WordPress has come a long way since I started working with it in 2007. Then still primarily a blogging tool, it was very flexible but took a lot of effort to use as a platform for non-blogging sites. Its ease of use, constant development, and great community made me stick around though – and as it has turned into the most widely used content management system available, it proved to be a good decision.

Today, the majority of sites I build use WordPress as a platform. Anything from simple business sites, to e-commerce, to course directories. Already at core, WordPress is a powerful CMS. The wide variety of commercial and free plugins takes it to yet another level.

You can see some of my WordPress projects or get in touch if you want to speak about your project ideas.


Building a shopping site can be simple – a single page, a product, a link to PayPal. But boy, can it be a lot of work as well!

Large product lists · Custom attributes · Multiple languages · Multiple currencies · Wholesale pricing · EU VAT · Downloadable products · Table rate shipping · Drop shipping · Incentives and coupons · Emails · Payment providers · Security.. the list goes on.

When starting an e-commerce project, it is important to clearly specify what functions are needed and what can be left out. The setup needs to be easy for both the seller and the customer, and flexible enough to be further developed down the line.

There are more e-commerce platforms than you can shake a stick at. Some better, some worse. These days, depending on the project size, I tend to use either WordPress with the excellent WooCommerce plugin, or for larger projects I use Magento Community Edition.

Want to sell online? Want a custom website to do it? Get in touch to talk about the details!


Your website might look great, but if it does not appear in search results, then you are missing out on a lot of potential traffic. That means missed clients for your services, or a great project that no one hears about, or fewer products sold. Yeah, nobody wants that!

Search engine optimisation is a field in its own right, and while this is not my core area of work, it is still an important consideration when building a website. This can be anything from having a good site structure, properly setup HTML tags and markup to speaking URLs, keyword research and conversion tracking. There are many great tools out there such as Google Analytics, that can be integrated with most websites.

Is your site performing poorly, even though it looks great? Get in touch and I can help look at your setup.


Web design is in constant flux. New styles, modern browsers bringing new technological possibilities, new devices and formats. Design is more than a logo and a bit of styling. It has to fit your target group, be optimised for all the ways your visitors might interact with your site, and be understandable.

I occasionally build websites that someone else has designed, but usually I take care of the web design as well. And for larger projects, I might also provide logos, business cards, catalogues and packaging.

I love visuals and am always happy to discuss design projects!