Working with Liam is always a treat. Full of stories, affection and mischief, it makes for a fun atmosphere when working on a project.

Always professional, he shoots a wide variety of photo assignments. That could be a shipyard, a university or a boardroom.

Liam Bailey portfolio

He has a real knack for capturing people and says himself:

“I know how to get good results from people at all levels – from new recruits to the CEO – and have experience of shooting in a wide range of locations and conditions, and often against the clock.”

Over the years I have built many different digital products for Liam, including websites, newsletters and more.

The previous version of the website was built by another agency. It used a commercial image storage system for its frontend, but Liam wasn’t happy with the display and content limitations.

As with any photography site, it needs to be to-the-point and show high-quality visuals. Since you don’t know if a potential client views the site on a mobile phone or a large screen in an ad agency, it needs to work across a broad range of devices.

WordPress functionality

We started off with WordPress as a content management system. Deciding to use a commercial theme, we re-built the setup to provide for multiple main image categories for work and portfolio projects. It is quick and easy to navigate between projects, menus are compactly shown at the very top, the site background is clean and clear.

The photo galleries use a masonry layout and easily adjust columns and image sizes based on screen size. Single images can be viewed in a popup lightbox.

In addition to the photo galleries, we also added custom modules for testimonials and a newsletter archive. The visitor can click through to the original newsletters and sign-up to the mailing list.



All in all, an enjoyable and successful project. With such great photography, how could the website look anything but sleek.

Visit Liam’s website at He is also co-founder of the photo community