Rich Wainwright is a fantastic photographer currently based in Australia, but working on assignment all over the world. Strong photography coupled with compassionate stories make for some really powerful imagery.

I have built earlier versions of Rich’s website. While previously only the blog used a content management system, now the entire website is using WordPress. This means all galleries, images, blog posts, static pages and site structure can be conveniently edited in a simple admin.

Because of WordPress’ embed functionality, it is also really easy to add videos hosted on third-party sites. You simply add the direct URL and the video is ready to show.


In a way, building a photography website is easy since the visuals are usually great. The real challenge is building a smart website. The navigation and structure are secondary and need to be in the background.

For this photography website there was more content than usual to work with. Many portfolios have write-ups and there are long-form blog posts.

The result is a clean, image-driven and responsive website. It has the flexibility to expand as Rich keeps building his portfolio.