Isak Retail

I have built a number of previous version of Isak Retail’s webshop and it was always a fun project. The last version was built by another agency through a partnership, but when that partnership came to an end I was asked to re-build a new version of the shop.

The decision was made to move from the previous custom platform to WooCommerce, which would speed up development time and allow for more flexibility when developing new functionality.

After some time of not making many new products, Isak’s owner Sandra Isaksson started working on a new range for the newly relaunched website, inspired by the midnight sun and northern Europe, called Midnattssol.

It was a predictably fun and challenging project, in equal measures. New functions were built, content (including orders) were migrated from the old website and a new responsive design was integrated. With the WooCommerce website as a platform, new integrations such as affiliate marketing are getting added and it will be interesting to see what additions are still to come.