DesignYu sell design products from a wide range of well-known international brands and designers. With a focus on furniture, lamps and home accessories, their webshop offers a great place to purchase modern design products.

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I have been working with DesignYu since 2016, when taking over the technical development of the Magento content management system the shop was using. Over the years I have kept the system and extensions up-to-date, as well as built new functionality when required.

As Magento version 2 became stable, the job of migrating the previous 1.9 version of the CMS was started. Magento 2 represented a major release and the migration process was quite involved. Additionally many custom functions had to be completely re-written.

In the process, other improvements such as pretty permalinks and an improved category structure were introduced.

The design was completely overhauled, with a more modern layout and style, as well as a new logotype. Much attention was paid to the responsivity of the new design, so that it would work well across a range of devices.

DeignYu - category page


This was a fun and challenging project in equal measure. The technical hurdles were high and there were plenty of issues along the way, where functionality transfer between Magento 1 and 2 was sometimes not straightforward.

The result is a modern and stylish shop that has a strong technical platform, that can be continuously expanded in the future.