A couple of years ago we built an e-commerce website for Caroline McGrath based on Zen Cart. While a great CMS in many ways, it always seemed bulky to extend and customise. Eventually it meant the Zen Cart version got patched, but no longer upgraded to the latest version.

Having built a few other e-commerce projects with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, it seemed like a good fit. The entire website with thousands of orders and customers got migrated, while the template layout got rebuilt.

After the move to WordPress and WooCommerce, it has become a lot quicker and easier to build new functionality. The pool of free and commercial plugins is a lot larger – no need to always reinvent the wheel!.

The client now spends less time on navigating the admin and more time on adding new great home accessories to their shop.


It has been an interesting project, especially migrating all e-commerce data. The client was happy with the design, so the majority of work has been done under-the-hood.